Baltimore City Health Department                             Division of Aging & CARE Services

How Does the Program Work?


You will receive notification by mail when your application has been approved. Each time you 

make a payment, your TaxiCard will be credited with both your payment and the CARE Service 

subsidy. Monthly payments and subsidy contributions are credited to accounts one time per 

month at no additional charge. Additional online payments made using your debit or credit 

card after the first applied monthly subsidy will be charged a $.25 fee per every $5.00 added 

to your TaxiCard. The TaxiCard may be used to pay for the entire fare or a portion of the fare,

depending upon the available balance on the card. If the TaxiCard does not have sufficient 

funds, you must pay the difference at the end of your ride.

- The TaxiCard must be presented to the cab driver for processing fares.

- The driver must always provide a completed receipt. The client must sign the receipt and keep a copy.

- Payments for the TaxiCard can be made by check, money order or credit card by clicking here to visit our website www.caretaxicard.comThere is a $20.00 charge for bounced checks. 

- The card may be used only by the registered person. It is not transferable. Change of participant’s address or telephone number must be reported.

- You may participate in the program as long as your registration is current and you remain a resident of Baltimore City.



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